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A variety of events is organized by the institute for "European Ethnology and Cultural Analysis" on a regular basis. One of the main events is the research colloquium (“Forschungskolloquium"), a series of lectures with a changing topic each semester. Lecturers from our institute, guest lecturers from other universities and other experts are invited to lecture on the current semester’s overarching theme. The topics are diverse, there have been research colloquiums about ethical/political debates in urban settings, the Reunification of Germany (2018/2019), the Alps (2018), Aging (2016) or Popular Music (2014) - to only name a few.

Besides the research colloquium various series of lectures, often organized in cooperation with other institutions and museums in Munich, are hold. Furthermore, research groups at our institute are hosting conferences in regard to their topics. In cooperation with museums like the city museum or the Jewish museum in Munich, students and scholars alike are organizing diverse exhibitions. We are always interested in finding new possible ways of enriching the exchange between academia and the public sphere.

Although there are events in English, many of the offers at the institute for European Ethnology and Cultural Analysis are available in German only. Therefore please check the German website for current information.